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The building management system, known as intelligent building management, refers to a set of hardware and software that are installed to monitor and control the most important parts of the building.

The task of this complex is to continuously monitor the various parts of the building and apply them so that the performance of the various components of the building is balanced and in optimal condition, with the aim of reducing unwanted consumption and allocating energy resources only to the spaces during operation.

BMS can cover all electrical, mechanical, and building protection services. These include heating, cooling, air conditioning, elevator, uninterruptible power station, escalator, lighting control, CCTV, fire alarm, traffic control and more.

Our BMS or Smart boards are Siemens CCS boards and in most cases they are g and wall boards.


  • Creating a favorable environment for people in the building
  • Optimal use of equipment and extend their useful life
  • Providing a time management function control system
  • Dramatically reduce maintenance and optimization costs and save energy
  • No need for a permanent building contractor
  • Ability to monitor and control all points controlled by a PC or Internet
  • Due to the integration of the building, all equipment is functioning in a harmonious manner, eliminating the possibility of interference and problems caused by the lack of coordination.
  • Ability to obtain statistical reports of all equipment and their performance to optimize consumption and performance

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