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Low pressure switchgear:

Low voltage switchgear (LV Switchgear) is a circuit board with voltage levels below 1000 V and rated voltage is 690 V and 400 V operation or service voltage as well as standards for manufacturing these panels according to standards. International are IEC61439 and IEC60439.

Generally, low pressure panels communicate between production equipment (generators), transmission (cables and transmission lines), electrical energy conversion (transformers) to allow loads such as motors, solenoid valves, IT equipment, etc. Consume their energy and perform their duty.

Low voltage switchgear technology is categorized into three categories according to specific needs and applications:

  • Sliding Panels
  • Plugin boards
  • Fixed boards
  • Our low pressure panels are based on Siemens’ SIVACON design, which is manufactured to international standards and is one of the most up-to-date technologies and technologies in the world.These panels can be used in current up to 7400 amps and in voltage up to 1000 V and very important for these panels is protection against contact with hazardous and electrical parts that are classified in various separation forms and IPs.Types of this panel:
  • OFW
  • FCB
  • OFPM
  • PFC
  • CCS
  • OFF3,4