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I am very glad to welcome you to our homepage as usual you can contact us via email or social networks (telegram, isentagram, facebook, etc.) or on our contact page. Arya’s expert team of electrical energy wishes you a successful search and quick results. Please use our services to help us continue to improve. We are confident that you will support us using this new service. Thank you in advance

With respect,
Managing Director
Rasoul Nikshad

About US

Dia Al Shams Electric & Services is a trading, manufacturing and service company in the electrical, automation and control industries.
As the core and core strategy of this company is our customers, this company with its skilled human resources, equipment and capital and experience in different areas of the industry such as sales, engineering, manufacturing and production, to our customers. Provides service and product.


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Dear Customer,

You can contact us through virtual networks, email, and the following form:

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Hello Customer:

If you need a free consultation on a project you can count on us

((Aria Electricity Knowledge Team is proud to be with you))

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There is only one boss. His kindness can be anyone in the company. From the CEO to the bottom down just by spending his money elsewhere.

Sam Walton

Hello customer:

The most important task of this company is to provide electrical equipment that we have been able to provide the best equipment at the best price and the most famous brands to our customers because our goal:

((Is solely for customer satisfaction))

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Hello customer:

I know you have concerns about product support wherever you go, and Aria’s energy knowledge team makes sure we don’t forget you and always think about you.

Do you know why ??

((Because we have a CRM system and need to take care of our customers))

** We do not favor him with the service we provide to the customer, but he does give us the opportunity to continue working and to do the right thing for us. **

Mahatma Gandhi

Hello customer:

Don’t worry about installing and installing your project Aria Knowledge Energy Team of Experts is ready to provide any of the following services:

Product Installation

Configuration and settings for smart devices such as PLC, …
Configuration and configuration of protective relays
Low key settings

Please contact our specialists through the following link for installation.

Hello Customer:

Customers like to reduce the maintenance costs of the complex and this has put a lot of emphasis on educating staff to take better action in case of a breakdown or any event leading to loss.

((DIA AL SHAMS CO, training team is ready to meet this need at all times.))

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