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Protection Relays

The protection relay is an intelligent device that receives inputs, compares them, and outputs according to the user’s preferences. Inputs can be current, voltage, resistance or temperature. Outputs can include visual feedback in the form of indicator or display lights, communications, control alerts, power on and off.

ABB offers customers a complete range of IEC 61850 protection and control products, including network automation, which provides reliability, security and operational efficiency of network control and management.

ABB also monitors and protects data and information from power systems and intelligent equipment to support asset and asset management.

Numerical protection equipment (ABB) has a wide variety of categories, depending on their application, examples of which are shown below:

  • REF Series Relays
  • REJ Series Relays
  • REG Series relays
  • REM Series Relays
  • REB Series Relays